TOPIC: Privacy & Security

How can I keep my private data safe and secure?

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This topic introduces students to the concept of online privacy and the potential implications of sharing private information with a range of people: friends, the public, app providers, and more. Sharing information about yourself can be a natural and healthy activity, and it can lead to positive connections and personal growth. However, it can also present safety risks, and students need to be aware of potentially harmful consequences such as identity theft and financial exploitation.

Our Instructional Approach

Balance of Benefits and Risks

On this topic, it is easy to default to scary rhetoric about the dangers of "Big Brother" and "stranger danger." However, a balanced approach looks at both the rewards and risks of sharing information online with others. Our lessons highlight some of the amazing opportunities that students have to interact, grow, and learn from each other. They also seek to prepare students to have a reasonable and cautious awareness of the serious risks associated with engaging in online activity, both from strangers and from third-party providers. Students will learn concrete strategies for safe, appropriate digital interactions so they can minimize the risks of online sharing -- and take advantage of the rewards.

Real-Life Scenarios

To help students see the importance of being safe and secure when they're online, our lessons include real-life scenarios where private information could potentially be shared, and where the benefits and risks are notable but not sensationalized. From encountering clickbait to setting up passwords to messaging with people online, the scenarios in our lessons provide an authentic context for grappling with the potential dangers that come with spending time online.

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